In accordance with Norwegian laws we have a 14 days return policy. This means that we reimburse the money to you if you return the purchased item(s) after given correct reimbursement-information. Shipping-fees will not be reimbursed, nor will the shipment-fees for reversing the purchase. In order to reverse the purchase and claim refund, the item must be returned to us and the plastic-seal must not be broken. In order to reverse the purchase the customer also needs to contact us at [email protected]. Please notice 1-3 business days in handling purchase-orders and 1-5 business days in handling other orders.

If the item purchased is in anyway damaged or broken, we claim the right to replace the defective or broken item.
In this case the customer shall not pay any shipment-fees. In the case that we're sold out we will reimburse the purchase if the item is not i store within 14 days.

Shipping cost for returning the damaged item will be refunded but only when using the same shipping method that was used upon receiving the item.

All purchases is handled with care, and sensitiv information is not stored in any of our servers. We use PayPal's method of payment. You can read about PayPal's Privacy Policy here.
All purchases will be packed and sent within 3 businessdays. In the event that we should be sold out of the item purchased, we will contact you for reimbursment-information or give you credit.