Metalegion Magazine - Issue #7 (Magazines)

English written metal music magazine, available in PRINTED and DIGITAL formats. Focussed mostly on extreme metal, meaning death, black, thrash, doom, etc.

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Highlights on this issue range from features with some of the top acts of the metal scene, like Incantation, Enslaved, Gaerea, Onslaught, Vicious Rumors, Mercyless or the vile black metal act Cultus Profano but also covering underground gems like Deathstorm, Hyems, Ages, Shed The Skin, Malokarpatan, Pessimist or the avant-garde super-group Imperial Triumphant between others.
It also features a label report from Avantgarde Music, a mixtape done by Thanatos vocalist/guitarist Stephan Gebédi, a massive 7 page feature with Tore Stjerna from Necromorbus Studio with tips and explanations on how to produce extreme music, plus all sort of regular sections and a 78 minutes sampler CD featuring songs from bands that will satiate your headbanging needs.
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